Artificial Intelligence

Data Analysis

We perform due diligence on your data after understanding your immediate and long term business goals. Our Data Analysis helps you to get the necessary information from your data.

We are experts in inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modelling data to support decision making in your business.

Big Data

Our expertise can squeeze out appropriate information from mass data that has potential. Our Open Source Big Data Machine for High Performance Batch and Real Time processing helps you to deploy Big Data for all your analytical needs. In fact, Gartner highlights Big Data as one of the most effective technologies to enhance your business performance.


We support Oracle , MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL and many other RDBMS systems. We specialize in Apache Cassandra, MongoDB and Oracle 12c.


We help you master any business domain that you need attention on. Our specialty includes Healthcare Provider & Payer solutions, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Financial Risk, Retail, Telecom Sales & Marketing, Education and other miscellaneous industries.


ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is a process in data warehousing responsible for pulling data out of the source systems and placing it into a data warehouse.

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We shape applications in intelligent way

Artificial Intelligence - With this technology, we can build more intelligent solutions.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about similar to the human brain and intellectual methods to resolve complex difficulties and obstacles mechanically. Artificial Intelligence Keys skill is evolving knowledge that permits people to connect with applications, automated robots, characters in using Voice, script, touch or sign in multi-language. This technology can be installed in compact and secure environments, and includes separate operations on mobile devices and embedded structures.

Why Choose Nitai Partners for Artificial Intelligence?

Nitai Partners offer an Artificial Intelligence as a 360-degree service. We help companies with developing a range of AI solutions that learn and think like humans using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition and Machine learning feature. Nitai Partners has core ability to integrate artificial intelligence using intellectual technology and symbolic technology with any of your current and future business modules, solutions or third party applications across a full range of industries, from Big Data, Business Intelligence, Analytics, IT Technology and others. We enable organizations to connect artificial intelligence with your day to day working environment. The AI solutions offered by Nitai Partners empower you with business growth by minimizing your labor and infrastructure cost. Nitai Partners have years of experience in analyzing customer requirement and delivering industry best applications to meet their business needs. We have strong knowledge in designing, implementing and integrating Article Intelligence technology within the customer's business environment, whether it is healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, customer services, education, financial services, mobile, or intelligent kiosks etc.

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