Building a #digital strategy



A successful digital strategy revolves around creating an omni-channel presence for your organization. A smart digital marketer creates superior branding which enables the digital strategy to succeed. Nowadays, digital systems have assumed more prominence than the traditional CRM systems because of their ability to pull customers towards the organization


Consider the various aspects of an effective engagement strategy:

  •         'web' allows an organization to give simple, fast access to your audience and create a delightful buying process
  •          'mobile' allows an organization to personalize a buying experience
  •          'social' allows an organization to build a favorable opinion
  •          'analytics' allows an organization to target, segment and position products or services effectively
  •          'connected devices (IOT)' allows an organization to capture experiences
  •          'machines (machine learning)' allows an organization to know more about the buyer

Have you thought through your digital strategy before you invested in technology? The truth is, most digital investment decisions to date have been made hastily and without considering the full range of possibilities.

Consider these stats from a recent Google search:

Fact 1: Many companies spent more than 25% of their marketing budgets on digital marketing

Fact 2: 80% of buyers research on the web/ mobile before making any purchasing decision

Fact 3: The top two challenges of digital marketers are (1) gaining revenue from digital channels, and; (2) acquiring leads from their digital portal

Fact 4: Digital display needs effective branding in order to substantially increase click rate

Fact 5: Up to 50% of B2C, and B2B buyers check social networks before making purchasing decisions

Fact 6: Asked to name their number-one challenge, 15% of digital marketers said “meeting the expectations of the always-connected customer,” 14% chose “executing consistent campaigns that drive desired business outcomes” (i.e., leads or revenue) and 13% cited the proliferation of channels across paid, owned and earned media. (B2B Marketing Insider)

So, how do you build your digital strategy?

1.      Identify your buyer

2.      Identify your buyers' preferred channel

3.      Document your buyers' online searches

4.      Document the key search phrases of your buyer

5.      Analyze your buyers' social media behavior

6.      Plan a pilot around Channel, Online, and Social Media

After setting key goals for the campaign, run a trial period and observe the outcome. The key is to use trial and error in the initial stages, keeping your investment low. Once the trial phase shows considerable results, you’ll then have the information needed to make a substantial investment in structuring your digital enterprise.







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