How to build a superior Digital eXperience?



Gartner: "Competing successfully in the digital industrial economy is rapidly becoming a leading strategic imperative for businesses all around the world. This shift in business priority and focus brings a new perspective regarding applications."

More and more businesses are choosing to build rather than buy. It is easy to see why this shift is occurring. Traditionally, buying a package requires an initial license cost or subscription cost, after which you must spend a fortune making it relevant to your business needs. Even though you spend considerably less for cloud than for an on-premise application, you are still paying substantial subscription and customization costs. In the process you have an application that is definitely cheaper than an on-premise application, but still much more than what you actually need to successfully serve your business needs.


Gartner prediction: By 2020, 75 percent of application purchases supporting digital business will be "build," not "buy."

Towards this end, Nitai Partners has launched a Custom Digital Experience portal, 'NYMBL', which assists organizations building a custom Web + Mobile + Social + Commerce + Analytics portal integrating functions across the entire spectrum of your business.

This 'NYMBL' portal integrates with major ERP and CX portals such as Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, SAP, Salesforce and many other data & analytics platforms such as Oracle BI Cloud, IBM BI and Microsoft BI.

 Key considerations for building a superior Digital Experience:

  • Document your business processes
  • Identify critical revenue generation or cost reduction business processes
  • Identify and document revenue generating or cost reduction roles
  • Document key user adoption problem areas
  • Design solutions using external 'other' industry experts


 Where to start?

  • Identify the business area which can have the least impact and smallest user base
  • Develop a digital solution for that business area
  • Increase user adoption
  • Expand into the next business area


What functions should can digitized on a single platform?

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Employee Portal
  • Marketing
  • Partner Portal
  • Web Commerce or Mobile Commerce
  • Core Business Functions (HR, Supply Chain, Procurement, Inventory, Order Management)
  • Finance
  • HR

Using an integrated custom digital platform offers a complete experience for a user in a modern business environment. Contact us today with your questions, or to schedule an exploratory session.



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