Important Considerations in Migrating to Cloud

Cloud computing, in most cases, helps reduce overall Information Technology costs for an organization. Increasingly, predictions show that in a couple of years, the cloud will become the default way to conduct IT operations.


The three important considerations in migrating to a cloud computing environment are:

1. Migrating platform / infrastructure

2. Migrating database

3. Migrating applications

The task that still remains with an organization is managing the cloud infrastructure from a user point of view. The technical management is usually performed by the cloud computing service provider. Best practices also dictate migrating your critical applications to a chosen platform as a pilot. Then be sure to record the user experiences before you start on your cloud journey.

Examples of services we have offered to clients in their cloud migration journey:

  •           Migrating existing platform to Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services
  •            Migrating databases to Oracle DCS (Database Cloud Service) or Microsoft SQL or MariaDB or any other database to Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services
  •           Migrating applications to Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services
  •           Migrating BI to Cloud, Sales & ERP to Cloud, Custom Digital Experience Management Solutions

Many cloud computing service providers also provide a complete application on their cloud platform. Prominent examples are Oracle Sales Cloud, Salesforce, Workday, etc. It is up to a user whether they want to develop a custom application or buy a packaged cloud application for their business use.

With the ongoing sophistication of independent cloud service providers, it will become extremely economical for companies to develop custom applications on their chosen platforms.

To migrate your existing on-premise applications, platform or databases, please contact us for an assessment.




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