Data Analysis

We perform due diligence on your data after understanding your immediate and long term business goals. Our Data Analysis helps you to get the necessary information from your data. We are experts in inspecting, cleaning, transforming and modelling data to support decision making in your business.

Big Data

Our expertise can squeeze out the appropriate information from mass data that has potential. Our Open Source Big Data Machine for High Performance Batch and Real Time processing helps you to deploy Big Data for all your analytical needs. In fact, Gartner highlights Big Data as one of the most effective technologies to enhance your business performance.


We support Oracle , MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL and many other RDBMS systems. We specialize in Apache Cassandra, MongoDB and Oracle 12c.


We help you master any business domain that you need attention on. Our specialty includes Healthcare Provider & Payer solutions, Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Financial Risk, Retail, Telecom Sales & Marketing, Education and other miscellaneous industries.

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Why Data Management is crucial for Business?

Data Management indicates to an association management of data and information for secure and organized access and capacity. Data Management errands incorporate the making of Data Architecture, examination and engineering; database Management System (DMS) coordination; information security and information source distinguishing proof, isolation and capacity.

What is important in Data Management?

1. Classify data storage blocks:

You must have a thought of "the amount of information you are managing also, when, where and how that information collected in to database".

2. Make a simple storage structure:

Dedicate a settled storage room for every one of the reports that are generated, received and utilized. Efficient in keeping up with right records name and place for various business related archives. Ensure that you make an effective strategy around your data storage that all collaborating all data.

3. Erase in appropriate information:

Extract to distinguish and separate information which is invalid, old or outdated. Try not to get a confusion in your information administration framework with data your business doesn't need any longer. Weed out excess information to enhance business productivity.

4. Focus on data safety:

There is a possibility of the information being hacked by corrupt outsiders consistently. To avoid this harm brought by certain activities, it is vital to make a trusted working environment and behavior individual verification on all representatives. If it's not too much trouble recall to scramble touchy information and screen it intensely.

5. Always take a back-up:

PC framework crashes, human mistakes and common calamities can compromise the security of the sensitive information. That is the reason it is shrewd to take a go down of all the data pertinent to your business on a nonstop premise.

Benefits of data management

1. Easy access to data:

When an entire data sets are properly collected, sorted and stored, then only events such as auditing, litigation, strategic planning, etc. can take place efficiently. In business, we can’t afford to get in trouble during such events which results in losing market share.

2. Complied with Law:

It is essential for an organisation to keep up with all legal reports and rules such as, contracts, legitimate papers and so on for future purposes. Along these lines, it prevents the organization from dodging arraignment and even aids in recording expense forms easily.

3. Safety of corporate comforts and goals:

Nobody can anticipate the life span of a business. It might be only 11 months old or most recent 10 years! That is the reason it is imperative to store all data – enormous or little – in the framework. You never recognize what may come helpful and when for pushing towards the interest and development of the business.

4. Stay aware of innovative headways:

Technological revolution happens time to time. What may seem to be "current" now may get to be "outdated" one year from now. This is the reason it is vital to keep up with the information sets in a such way that no data is lost when they are transfer/received to a fresher stage.

5. Boosts performance:

Jumbled information can't be put to any great use and subsequently, prompts extensive loss of productivity. You lose time searching for lost records and documents furthermore harmfully affect profitability. Henceforth, make sure your information administration procedure is smooth.

Why Nitai Partners?

Nitai Partners "machine learning apparatuses" tracks client behaviour and understands your element and constructs worldwide profiles. It forms the data to send them right message at the correct time, on the right device with customized cautious and lures the engagement.

Nitai Partners can soften information up warehouses, and track clients crosswise over applications, web and Mobile web. It likewise makes a profile for every client so you can consequently convey the right encounters. It gives prescient substance proposals.

So fundamentally, it does everything without exception with "information" and cannot just make sure the information sets are very much organized additionally sound good to you and your business.