Custom Web & Mobile Apps

Our Customer & Employee facing applications come pre-integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and SSO. All our applications come hosted in Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud, Equinix Cloud and other cloud infrastructure of your choice.

Digital Marketing

Our solutions include Social Media Integration, Live, Video Streaming, Targeting Content, SEO, SCM, Web Mailers, Landing Pages, PPC and much more. All our solutions come pre-integrated with Sales Force, Mail Chimp, Zoho CRM, Oracle Sales/Service/Marketing Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and many other CRM Tools.


Our mobile Apps help you to retain your customers, build better service systems and help you in sales. We build Customer Facing, Partner Facing or Employee facing mobile apps which help you to increase customer engagement with your business.

IoT (Internet of Things)

We integrate all types of RFID and Wearable devices with Mobile & Web Apps. You design the functionality and we will build it for you. All our Mobile and Web Apps come pre-built for IoT integration on multiple cloud infrastructure systems such as AWS, Azure.

Machine Learning

Our solutions help you to build systems that automatically build a repository of intelligence. Our Machine Learning Analytical systems allow you to build a repository of data from multiple devices.

Legacy App Conversion

We migrate your existing legacy applications from on-premise to on-cloud using modern current digital frameworks and technologies. Our specialization in Java and Non-Java technologies help you to build vendor agnostic digital frameworks.

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Why Digitization is Important - The New Reality

Digitization, automation, and other advances are transforming industries, labor markets, and the global economy.

What is digital transformation?

New capabilities require businesses to be agile, customer-oriented, well-connected, innovative, efficient, and most importantly aligned with present and future customer needs. Digital transformation is not only a development stage, but a journey having various connected objectives. It requires enterprises to strive towards continuous improvement and optimization of business processes.

Benefits of digitization:

  • The ability for more than one person to access same data at once.
  • Access from anywhere at any time.
  • Greater integration with business applications.
  • The elimination of hybrid systems (paper and digital) that can confuse users who want access to the entire history of a case.
  • The ability to reuse existing resources limited by its format, such as large maps or materials stored on microfilm or magnetic tape.
  • The application of classification and indexing methods consistent for document retrieval, especially for hybrid records.
  • Integration with the organization's procedures for disaster recovery and backups.
  • Eco-friendly & Cost saving.
  • The potential reduction in physical storage space.
  • The ability to increase the productivity of the organization.
  • Between 60 and 90% of the costs of such tasks are entirely avoidable using support advanced capture system.