Our award winning work include multiple digital platforms, data & analytics solutions across the world. Our teams have earned respect of our customers within US and outside US across multiple industries. Our customers include some of the largest banks to large manufacturing facilities. Some of our notable works include the following


Small & Medium Business

Case study


The world’s most advanced Digital Collaboration portal with advanced features like Telemedicine and Wearable devices. It allows Doctors, Clinics, Patients, Labs, Imaging Centers and Pharmacists to seamlessly collaborate through a common community portal. This platform is copyrighted in India and USA.

Nitai BI Cloud


Our 26 industry solutions on Oracle BI Cloud are featured regularly on Oracle Cloud Market Place. Our pre-built solutions include Retail Analytics, Financial Risk Exposure, Manufacturing, Financial, Supply Chain have won awards at multiple levels for the maturity that they bring to our customers

NYMBL Web and Mobile Wellness Platform


Our Award winning CRM tool has revolutionized health and wellness industry and has become a key tool to promote Precision medicine and genome research applications. It is pre-integrated with Telemedicine and NYMDX platform for ultimate good of improving healthcare across the world.


NYMBLSOFT Financial Risk Platform


Our Award winning platform comes pre-built with Data integration and Analytics technologies. Our platform allows financial institutions to manage risk and also report risk for regulatory compliance.

NYMBL Law-enforcement Analytics


Our Award winning cloud platform allows multiple law-enforcement agencies to plan ahead. For more details, please contact us.

NYMBL Electionrama Platform


We are shortly launching an election community software for better management of elections at all levels.